Red Galactonotus (Adelphobates Galactonotus)


These frogs are communal and do well in small groups together. As such, they are also good candidates for keeping with other communal frogs of a different genus in a larger habitat.


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Red Galactonotus (Adelphobates Galactonotus)

The red form of galactonotus is always a popular frog, due in part to the fact that its one of the few red frogs in the hobby. The color is a rich dark red, not a bright apple red. This is on of the the shyest of the galactonotus.

This form of galactonotus seems a bit more reluctant to breed, and as with other galactonotus, the breeding they do seems to occur with little rhyme or reason. Long periods of inactivity are followed by flurries of breeding, during which eggs are laid every five to seven days, with the typical clutch size being four to eight eggs.