Amazon Tiger Shrimp (Euryrhynchus amazoniensis)


A uniquely patterned freshwater dwarf shrimp found throughout much of the Amazon Basin, the Amazon Tiger Shrimp inhabits shallow, warm water habitat typically associated with driftwood and aquatic vegetation and often in large groups. A hardy and peaceful invertebrate in the aquarium, their care requirements are similar to other dwarf shrimp although they will do best in softer, slightly acidic water.

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Amazon Tiger Shrimp (Euryrhynchus amazoniensis)

Origin: Wild Peru
Locale: Rio Nanay
Diet: A scavenger and grazer, they will accept most small sinking prepared foods
Adult Size: 1.5″
Recommended Tank Size: 15 gallons
Compatibility: Peaceful towards most tankmates but very small or slow-moving fish may be at risk

Preferred Water Parameters
pH:? 6.0 – 7.4
Temp:? 77-82F
Ammonia:? 0ppm
Nitrite:? 0ppm
Nitrate:? <30ppm