Xingu Apistogramma (Apistogramma agassizzi ‘Xingu’)


A colorful and rarely seen dwarf cichlid, the Xingu Apistogramma is found in shallow areas of the fast-moving clear water Rio Xingu in Eastern Brazil. Like most Apistogramma species, they will do best in a tank with peaceful tankmates like small tetras or dwarf rainbows – or in a species tank if breeding is to be attempted. The Xingu Apistogramma requires excellent water quality and regular partial water changes will ensure they thrive in the aquarium.

A note on wild Apistogramma: Unless otherwise specified, wild Apistogramma are sold as unsexed individuals. We will make our best efforts to send pairs or a requested ratio of male to female but we do not guarantee sex on these fish. We recommend buying in groups to ensure adequate males and females for breeding.


Xingu Apistogramma (Apistogramma agassizzi ‘Xingu’)

Origin: Wild Brazil
Locale: Rio Xingu
Diet: Insects, invertebrates, frozen & prepared feeds
Adult Size: 1.5-2″
Recommended Tank Size: 12 gallons
Compatibility: Peaceful, shy. Can be territorial towards other dwarf cichlids.

Preferred Water Parameters
pH:                          6.0 – 7.2
Temp:                     78-84F
Ammonia:              0ppm
Nitrite:                    0ppm
Nitrate:                  <30ppm