Lima Shovelnose Catfish (Sorubim lima)


The Lima Shovelnose Catfish (Sorubim lima), also known as the Duckbill Catfish or the Shovelnose Catfish, is native to Peru and other areas of the South American Amazon. A prized oddball predator in the aquarium hobby, the Lima Shovelnose Catfish can grow up to 16″ as an adult and will generally coexist well with other fish large enough to not be considered a meal! They tend to happily accept a varied, protein-rich diet and will appreciate a variety of hiding spaces to inhabit when they aren’t actively swimming in your aquarium.



Lima Shovelnose Catfish (Sorubim lima)

Origin: Wild Peru
Diet: A predator in the wild, will eat anything small enough to fit in its mouth. In the aquarium, will usually accept frozen foods.
Adult Size: 16″
Recommended Tank Size: 120 Gallon
Compatibility: Peaceful towards most tankmates large enough to avoid being eaten.

Preferred Water Parameters
pH:                          6.0 – 7.5
Temp:                     76-82F
Ammonia:              0ppm
Nitrite:                    0ppm
Nitrate:                  <30ppm