LDA031 Mustard Spot Pleco (Panaqolus albomaculatus)


A medium sized and colorfully patterned wood eating pleco, the Mustard Spot or LDA031 Pleco features the distinctive lyretail common to members of the genus Panaqolus. Found in middle Amazon tributaries in Peru, Ecuador, and Southern Colombia, these fish inhabit driftwood piles in clear, relatively fast-moving waters. In the aquarium they are hardy and not typically shy, making them a great centerpiece pleco for a medium sized tank.


LDA031 Mustard Spot Pleco (Panaqolus albomaculatus)

Origin: Wild Colombia
Locale: Rio Putumayo
Diet: Algae, biofilm, detritus and insects. Will accept most prepared and gel diets for omnivores in the aquarium
Adult Size: 5″
Recommended Tank Size: 40 gallons
Compatibility: Peaceful towards almost all tankmates. May be territorial towards other plecos

Preferred Water Parameters
pH:                          6.5 – 7.5
Temp:                     76-78F
Ammonia:              0ppm
Nitrite:                    0ppm
Nitrate:                  <30ppm