We realize shipping live fish is a complicated process, but we have years of experience doing so with great success and our shipping practices and policies are all designed with the goal of getting your new fish to you as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.


Shipping Options:

Dry Goods / Live Plants

$10 Unlimited

Anything other than animals – Plants and food ship free with any fish order!

2 Day

FedEx 2 Day
$35 1-20 small fish, 20-50 small inverts

Weather Permitting – Larger orders may require additional shipping

Overnight Flat Rate

FedEx Priority Overnight
$55 1-25 small fish, 6-10 medium fish

Email for a shipping quote on large items

Air Cargo

Same day shipping to closest major airport
$55 Rates start at $55 per box

Sent pre-paid or collect

In Store Pick Up

Boulder Store Location
$0 Unlimited

Please give advanced notice as some items are held off site


FedEx / UPS Ground
$25 Rates start at $25 (rural areas may cost more)

In state overnight service (Colorado only)

For extra large fish or those that require large shipping containers (like freshwater stingrays), we highly recommend shipping via air freight to your nearest airport. This is not only a faster and safer process for the animal, but also often less expensive as well. For more specific information on box size, a shipping quote, or your shipping options don’t hesitate to contact us.

We only ship within the 48 continental United States. Some items may be restricted due to local or state regulations.  Customers are responsible for adhering to all relevant local and state laws. We have a $64.99 minimum for all out-of-state orders.

Placing your order:

After we receive your order, you will be contacted by email within 24 hours to set the shipping date. This is an important step to make sure you are available to receive your shipment and able to sign for it when it arrives – failure to do so will void our guarantee. We ship out Monday through Wednesday, for arrival Tuesday through Thursday. All shipments are weather permitting – we will check temperatures both at the final destination and at the carrier’s transfer hub to ensure your fish won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. In the event of temperature extremes or likely service disruptions due to weather, we reserve the right to reschedule any shipment.

Orders submitted with shipping information that differs from the billing information will require customers to create a customer account and submit a copy of their driver’s license before shipping out.

Order cancellations will be subject to a 20% restocking fee on live animals.

After your order is packed and shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information.

How the process works:

  1. You place your order by checking out and submitting payment. Simply placing fish in your shopping cart will not reserve them – you must complete the checkout process.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes after placing your order.
  3. We will get in touch within 48 hours to confirm the shipment delivery day and time.
  4. Livestock is packed in heavy duty fish bags with oxygen and necessary heat or ice packs and shipped in insulated styrofoam/cardboard boxes.
  5. Tracking information is emailed as soon as the shipment leaves.
  6. You are on hand to sign for and receive your order when it is delivered.
  7. Carefully follow the acclimation protocol we provide for your new livestock.
  8. Call or email us at any point with questions or concerns.
  9. Enjoy your new additions!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our fish for 24 hours after arrival with the exception of those with highly specialized needs or those that are extremely sensitive to water conditions. These species with limited or no guarantee are noted in their description and will be confirmed with you before shipping.

For the rest of our fish, we fully expect them to acclimate to your aquarium without issue and be healthy and thriving shortly after you receive them. Should you have a fish arrive dead, or die within 24 hours of arrival (as indicated by the carrier tracking information), DO NOT discard the dead fish. Our guarantee is contingent on being provided photo proof of the fish.

While we will make every effort to advise you on the compatibility of your new fish and its intended tankmates, our guarantee does not extend to fish that are bullied, harassed, attacked, physically injured, or eaten by other fish. Making a purchase after being advised against the compatibility of the fish ordered with your existing aquarium fish may result in the fish being shipped with a ‘Live Arrival Only’ guarantee.

Failure to sign for a shipment voids any guarantee.

Failure to pickup an air cargo shipment within 2 hours of arrival voids any guarantee.

If your order is delayed in transit due to carrier delays or service interruptions, you are still required to receive, sign for, and acclimate the fish to your aquariums. We pack all our fish with a healthy cushion in case of delays and in most cases even with significant delays the fish will arrive alive and in good condition. Delayed orders are handled on a case by case basis.

If your fish arrives and appears dead, take a photograph of it in the bag but then continue to acclimate it according to our guidelines. Many fish or invertebrates, especially during cold weather, may move slowly or not at all upon arrival but will recover upon acclimation.

Water parameters in your aquarium must be within those provided on the species description listed on our site. We reserve the right to require a water sample or photos of water test results in order for you to redeem our guarantee.

Due to the inherent risk of shipping live fish, we can not accept any returns or exchanges.

While we make every effort to ship you nothing but the healthiest, most well-conditioned fish and invertebrates possible we still highly recommend the use of a dedicated quarantine tank for ALL new fish and that new arrivals are quarantined for at least 2 weeks before being added to a display tank.

In the event that you receive a DOA or your fish dies within the 24 hour guarantee period, here’s what to do:

  • Email a picture of the deceased specimen to sales@aqua-imports.com immediately. If the fish or invert arrived dead, please send a photo of it in the original unopened bag. Include your name, order number, pictures and a detailed message. We may require additional information and photos.
  • Please do not call for livestock losses. All losses must be documented by email with pictures.
  • Our guarantee will be void without a clear photo of the dead item.
  • If your claim falls within the 24-hour guarantee period and meets all other requirements of the guarantee, we will contact you to either arrange a refund or replacement fish at our discretion.
  • Our guarantee is not inclusive of any shipping costs – customers are responsible for the cost of shipping on any replacement orders and no refunds will be processed for shipping-related charges.