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Acid Rain Bubble Tip Anemone

The Bulb or Bubble Tip Anemone is a medium sized (up to 12″) rock dwelling anemone that is a great candidate for hosting with clownfish.  They do well in most strongly illuminated reef tanks with pristine water quality and regular feeding of meaty foods.  These anemones are very mobile and can easily “walk” into pumps and overflow boxes.

Assorted Zoanthid Colony


These assorted Vietnam Zoanthid colonies contain a variety of colors and almost complete coverage.  They make a great beginner coral and will brighten up any reef tank.  All pieces are picked at time of order and specific varieties are not guaranteed.

Metallic Green Star Polyp Colony


These metallic green star polyp colonies are as bright as they come.  If you’re looking for a fast growing encrusting coral, there is no better.  They make a great beginner coral and wave nicely in a reef tank with adequate water movement.

Red St. Thomas Mushroom Polyp (Rhodactis sanctithomae)


St. Thomas Mushrooms are known for their bulb anemone appearances. However, they are a much more forgiving and hardy species of Corallimorph. Red colored corals are a hot commodity for any reef tank and the unique red form of this mushroom makes it a collector item. These mushrooms are photosynthetic, but will readily feed on plankton and other foods placed directly on them.