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Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas)


Approximate Size: 3-4″ The aquarium must have proper caves and hiding places, and the presence of live rocks and sandy substrates are indispensable in your fish tank. The Midas Blenny mostly inhabits rocky areas with plenty of crevices and corals around, so it should be housed in a tank with plenty of live rock.


Metallic Green Star Polyp Colony


These metallic green star polyp colonies are as bright as they come.  If you’re looking for a fast growing encrusting coral, there is no better.  They make a great beginner coral and wave nicely in a reef tank with adequate water movement.

Assorted Zoanthid Colony


These assorted Vietnam Zoanthid colonies contain a variety of colors and almost complete coverage.  They make a great beginner coral and will brighten up any reef tank.  All pieces are picked at time of order and specific varieties are not guaranteed.