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Adelphobates quinquevittatus

Originating from northern Brazil, Peru, and French Guyana, this species is very rare in the hobby. These froglets are from Phil Tan’s old German line. These frogs also do great in groups and are not loud. They are very consistent (between individuals) white pinstripes on a jet black background on their bodies with orangish/reddish/pinkish legs.

True Nominal Fantastica Dart Frog (Ranitomeya fantastica)

This morph comes from lowland regions in Peru. It is a striking frog, on the large side of the thumbnail spectrum. They do great in groups and do not have a loud call. They have bright orange heads followed by a white collar around the neck, black body with bluish markings on the back and bluish-grey net patterns on their legs. The parents of these froglets were F1s directly from Understory Enterprises.