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Green Chromide (Etroplus suratensis)


An unusual cichlid which inhabits fresh, brackish, and even occasionally pure marine habitat, the Green Chromide originates in coastal regions of Sri Lanka and Southeastern India. In the wild, it tends to be found in groups and is a social fish in the aquarium, best kept in groups of 4-6. Although they are typically found in brackish waters, they are highly adaptable and will do fine in full freshwater long term as well (slightly hard water is best). The Green Chromide is fairly peaceful for a cichlid and will usually get along with most similarly sized tankmates.

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Haitian Cichlid (Nandopsis haitiensis)


A large and impressive neotropical cichlid originating from lakes and rivers in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the Haitian Cichlid or “Black Nasty” has been a favorite among cichlid hobbyists for years. With their high contrast pattern, aggressive behavior, and large adult size, they make an impressive display fish for a suitably large aquarium. Hardy and undemanding in the aquarium, they will thrive in a variety of water conditions as long as regular water changes are performed.

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Blackberry Silver Dollar (Myleus schomburgkii ‘blackberry’)


A rare, selectively bred color form of the Black Bar Silver Dollar (M. schomburgkii), the Blackberry or Blueberry Silver Dollar originated with breeders in Asia and remains hard to find in the US. With a distinct blueish-black blotch that covers most of the body and deep red fins, these fish are a colorful and showy addition to any larger community aquarium. Care and behavior is the same as with the more well-known Black Bar or Blue Hook Silver Dollars.

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Peru Sailfin Tetra (Crenuchus spilurus)


A beautiful tetra from the acidic blackwaters of the Rio Nanay in Peru, the Sailfin Tetra is a medium-sized species that makes for an impressive display fish as an adult. Both sexes have the namesake large dorsal fin, but mature males will have an extremely elongated, brightly colored fin. In the wild, they tend to be found in small groups in shallow waters, usually in areas with substantial cover in the form of leaf litter, fallen branches, or other vegetation. In the aquarium, they can be shy at first but will quickly become more bold if given plenty of cover. A great and showy fish for densely planted or hardscape tanks.