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African Tiger Scat (Scatophagus tetracanthus)


This rare relative of the more commonly seen Green and Red Scat is found only along the East Coast of Central Africa and Madagascar, where it is found in environments ranging from pure fresh to almost full strength marine waters. Unlike other species of Scatophagus, the Tiger Scat appears to thrive in pure freshwater environments even as adult fish, making them suitable for most freshwater aquariums. They will appreciate relatively hard water and the addition of some salt but are fairly adaptable. They are a schooling fish, and will do best in a group (although they will school with other similarly sized Scat species). A true rarity for collectors and serious hobbyists, these fish are only rarely imported and availability is extremely seasonal.

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L027a Xingu ‘Platinum’ Royal Pleco (Panaque cf. armbrusteri ‘Xingu’)


A distinctive variant of Royal Pleco hailing from Brazil’s Rio Xingu, the Platinum or Long Nose Royal Pleco inhabits rocky, clear, fast-moving water throughout its native range. They are characterized by a more elongated body than other Royal Plecos and a base coloration of whitish silver (as opposed to brown or green) which becomes more pronounced as they grow. Like all Royal Plecos they are wood eaters by nature, and should be offered plenty of driftwood in the aquarium. Specialized diets like Repashy’s xylivore formula gel premix are ideal for this species.

Wild Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)


A longtime favorite in the hobby due to its vibrant color, small size, and peaceful behavior, the Blue Ram originates in the Llanos region of Colombia and Venezuela, where it is found in small, shallow streams and pools known as morichales. Although it has been commercially bred for generations in many dfiferent color forms, the wild form remains deservedly popular while being hardy and undemanding in the aquarium. It is among the most hardy of the dwarf cichlid species, ideal for beginners. A great species for planted or community tanks, they can be slightly territorial towards each other but will rarely bother other fish.

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Spotted Silver Hatchet (Gasteropelecus maculatus)


One of the larger species of the popular surface dwelling Hatchetfish, the Spotted Silver Hatchet is found in the Eastern end of the Amazon Basin in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. In the aquarium, they are hardy and peaceful schooling fish that due to their size will do well with larger tankmates – making an ideal dither fish for small and medium sized South American Cichlids. Their tank should be kept tightly covered as they are easily spooked and likely to jump out if given the opportunity.

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Rio Atabapo Altum Angel (Pterophyllum altum)


The most sought after of all the freshwater angels, the Altum or High Back Angel comes from the acidic blackwater reaches of the Orinoco River and its tributaries in Colombia and Venezuela. These beautiful but delicate fish require warm, soft water and excellent water quality to thrive. Best kept in groups of 5 or more, the Altum Angel is an unmistakable show fish ideal for a large display aquarium. Our Altum Angels are imported directly and conditioned carefully in soft water systems before being shipped, allowing us to offer only robust, healthy, well-acclimated fish to our customers. The Rio Atabapo Altum is known for its more vivid coloration, larger adult size, and more distinctive tall body shape than those collected in the Orinoco or Inirida.

While we have complete confidence that you will have success with the high quality, conditioned fish we ship, due to the Altum’s delicate nature we offer a live arrival guarantee ONLY.