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Chocolate Gourami (Sphaerichthys osphromenoides)


A small, peaceful gourami species found in the blackwater peat swamps of Malaysia and Indonesia, the Chocolate Gourami has been popular in the aquarium hobby for decades due to its unique color pattern and social behavior. In the wild, it inhabits warm, highly acidic waters with pH as low as 4.0, and in the aquarium it will do best if kept in soft, slightly acidic water as well. The addition of tannins to the water by using Indian Almond Leaves or Bark is useful to help this species thrive.

Rosy Loach (Petruichthys sp.) – Group of 5


A popular and active schooling species, the Rosy Loach is found in shallow waters throughout Eastern Myanmar where it occurs in large groups. An active, outgoing fish perfect for planted or nano aquariums, they are highly social and should be kept in groups of no less than 5 fish. They are constant grazers by nature, and have a fast metabolism so should ideally be fed more than once daily. An ideal community fish for a small aquarium, they should be kept with similarly sized peaceful species.

Gold Tetra (Hemigrammus rodwayi) – Group of 10 Fish


The Gold or Brass Tetra is widespread throughout South America, and is found in a  variety of habitat types in the wild, usually in large schools. In the aquarium, they are hardy and adaptable, making a great and vividly colored community fish. Their metallic gold pigmentation is actually caused by a harmless parasite that they are exposed to in the wild, which means that tank or pond raised specimens are usually dull in appearance and lack their namesake gold coloration. Like most small schooling tetras, Gold Tetras are best kept in groups of 10 or more, and will usually school with other similarly sized tetras. Our fish are wild collected, colorful, and carefully acclimated – a great addition to planted or nano aquariums.

Banded Darter Characin (Characidium cf. fasciatum)


One of many species of similar looking, tiny characins found throughout much of South America, the Banded Darter Characin (Characidium cf. fasciatum) makes a fascinating resident for nano or biotope themed aquariums. As their name suggests, these fish have a reduced swim bladder and spend most of their time perched on or just above the substrate, “darting” instead of actively swimming in most cases similar to a goby or blenny. In the wild they inhabit a variety of habitats but are usually found in areas with moderate to fast current and prefer well oxygenated water. A hardy and interesting fish, they are social and should be kept in groups.

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Chili / Mosquito Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) – Group of 10 Fish


An ideal fish for nano aquariums, the Chili, Mosquito, or Brigittae Rasbora is found in warm, acidic, shallow waters throughout the island of Borneo. With their vibrant red color and peaceful, active nature, they are extremely popular in the hobby and a favorite with planted tank hobbyists. In the aquarium, they are hardy and will generally thrive under a wide range of conditions but will exhibit their best color if kept in warm, slightly soft water and in a group of 10 or more.