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Blackberry Silver Dollar (Myleus schomburgkii ‘blackberry’)


A rare, selectively bred color form of the Black Bar Silver Dollar (M. schomburgkii), the Blackberry or Blueberry Silver Dollar originated with breeders in Asia and remains hard to find in the US. With a distinct blueish-black blotch that covers most of the body and deep red fins, these fish are a colorful and showy addition to any larger community aquarium. Care and behavior is the same as with the more well-known Black Bar or Blue Hook Silver Dollars.

Peru Sailfin Tetra (Crenuchus spilurus)


A beautiful tetra from the acidic blackwaters of the Rio Nanay in Peru, the Sailfin Tetra is a medium-sized species that makes for an impressive display fish as an adult. Both sexes have the namesake large dorsal fin, but mature males will have an extremely elongated, brightly colored fin. In the wild, they tend to be found in small groups in shallow waters, usually in areas with substantial cover in the form of leaf litter, fallen branches, or other vegetation. In the aquarium, they can be shy at first but will quickly become more bold if given plenty of cover. A great and showy fish for densely planted or hardscape tanks.

Jewel Spotted Anostomid (Hypomasticus megalepis)


A stunning and extremely rare Anostomid found throughout Guyana, Suriname and possibly Northeastern Brazil, the Jewel Spotted Anostomid or Hypomasticus megalepis is a medium sized, peaceful characin. Like most of their relatives, they are a loosely schooling fish but show little aggression towards conspecifics and unlike many of the more well-known species of Leporinus or Anostomus, they do not have a tendency to nip fins. This species has a relatively small, somewhat delicate mouth for their size and prefers smaller food items like sinking granules or frozen bloodworms.

Sailfin Red Hook Silver Dollar (Myleus setiger)


A rarely seen species of Myleus (commonly referred to as Silver Dollars in the trade), the Sailfin Red Hook or Myleus setiger originates in the rivers and streams of Guyana and Suriname. It has only rarely been seen in the aquarium hobby, but adults develop extremely elongated, deep red dorsal and anal fins as well as a reticulated or blotchy pattern on the body. These tank-bred specimens from Asia are a new and rare offering.

Redline Moenkhausia Tetra (Moenkhausia agnesae)


An uncommon, larger growing tetra from is found in Peru’s Rio Itaya, where it is typically found along stream banks close to overhanging vegetation or fallen trees. Hardy and bold, the Redline or Red Striped Moenkhausia is a loosely-schooling fish and makes an ideal tankmate for smaller or medium-sized cichlids.