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Hampala Barb (Hampala macrolepidota)


A large growing schooling fish found in clear, fast-moving waters in Thailand and Myanmar, the Hampala or Sidebar barb is a predatory but relatively peaceful barb. In the aquarium, they make an excellent dither fish for other large predatory fish and will do best with some water movement and frequent large water changes. Like many larger barbs, they can be skittish and first and will do best in a group of 3-5 fish. Some cover in the form of driftwood or artificial plants (live ones will be eaten) will help them settle into the aquarium environment.

Roseline Shark / Denisonii Barb (Sahyadria denisonii)


A fish with many names, the Roseline Shark, Redline Torpedo Sharkk, or Denisonii Barb is a vividly colored schooling fish found in the fast moving streams of Western India. With their peaceful, active nature and vibrant red, yellow, and black coloration, this fish has become a favorite in the aquarium hobby – especially among planted tank hobbyists. Although hardy, these fish prefer well-oxygenated water with some current and will display their best colors when excellent water quality is maintained.