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Spotted Swamp Eel (Synbranchus marmoratus ‘spotted’)

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A unique South American eel species, the Spotted Swamp Eel is found in shallow waters throughout much of the Amazon basin. A slow moving and peaceful fish despite their large size, they are adapted to stagnant, oxygen poor water and can use atmospheric air by taking breaths directly from the water’s surface. In the aquarium they are easy to keep, but should be kept tightly covered at all times as they are notorious escape artists. The heavily spotted form is uncommon and more sought after than the olive or mottled form more commonly known as the Marbled Swamp Eel.

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Senegal Bichir (Polypterus senegalus)


The Senegal, or Common Bichir is the most widespread species of Polypterus in Africa, inhabiting shallow waters across a huge geographic area. This species is also the most common in the aquarium hobby and has been commercially bred in Asia for years. Wild specimens like this one from Lake Chad are less common and more sought after in the hobby.


Electric Eel (Electrophorus electricus)


One of the most iconic fish species of the Amazon, the Electric Eel is not a true eel but a knifefish – the only one in its family capable of delivering a powerful electrical shock. In the wild, these fish tend to be found in shallow, slow moving waters with lots of cover in the form of vegetation or fallen branches. Their electrical organ is used as both a defense mechanism against predators and to stun prey items. In the aquarium, electric eels are fairly hardy, but due to their huge adult size and dangerous shock they should only be kept by experienced hobbyists with a dedicated, large aquarium designed around this fish’s special requirements. Larger fish should be treated with extreme caution.