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Green Chromide (Etroplus suratensis)


An unusual cichlid which inhabits fresh, brackish, and even occasionally pure marine habitat, the Green Chromide originates in coastal regions of Sri Lanka and Southeastern India. In the wild, it tends to be found in groups and is a social fish in the aquarium, best kept in groups of 4-6. Although they are typically found in brackish waters, they are highly adaptable and will do fine in full freshwater long term as well (slightly hard water is best). The Green Chromide is fairly peaceful for a cichlid and will usually get along with most similarly sized tankmates.


Bullseye Puffer (Sphoeroides annulatus)

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A freshwater to marine puffer found along the Pacific Coast of South and Central America, the Bullseye Puffer is a large growing and attractively marked species. When young, they are often found in pure freshwater but migrate to brackish or full marine waters as they reach adulthood. Like most puffers, they are prone to nipping the fins of other fish, so should be kept with hardy, fast-moving tankmates (if any). This species can be kept in  groups, although they should be fed heavily and given plenty of cover to avoid aggression.

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Swordspine Snook (Centropomus ensiferus)


A rare, smaller growing species of true snook found in the coastal waters of Northeastern South America, the Swordspine Snook is a unique species for a larger predator aquarium. Unlike most of their relatives, these fish are generally found in pure freshwater to slightly brackish environments, and while they occasionally migrate into strong brackish or marine waters in the wild they will thrive in a typical freshwater aquarium. A predatory fish, they will eat anything small enough to fit in their mouths although tend not to be aggressive towards tankmates.

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Nandus Leaf Fish (Nandus nandus)


A cryptic and unusual ambush predator, the Asian Leaf Fish or Nandus nandus is found throughout much of South and Southeast Asia, especially in and around coastal river systems where they inhabit both fresh and slightly brackish waters. Their body shape, coloration, and behavior allow them to mimic dead leaves and get close to unsuspecting prey items like small fish. In the aquarium, they are generally peaceful with tankmates too large to be eaten but due to their shy nature should not be kept with fast-moving or aggressive species.

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Freshwater Lionfish/Toadfish (Allenbatrachus grunniens)


A unique predatory species, the freshwater “lionfish” is actually a species of toadfish found in marine and brackish waters throughout coastal Southeast Asia. A well-camouflaged ambush predator, they lie in wait for unsuspecting smaller fish and can take down fish nearly their own size with their surprisingly large mouths. In the aquarium, they are best kept in at least lightly brackish conditions and certainly benefit from the addition of some salt.

Indo-Pacific Tarpon (Megalops cyprinoides)


The Indo-Pacific Tarpon is a widely distributed predator found throughout the coastal regions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Although they can tolerate full marine conditions, they are more often found in fresh or brackish water habitats close to the coast. Juvenile fish are a uniform silver, but develop a distinctive red and black trim on the tail as they grow. As an open water swimmer and predator growing to a massive adult size, the Indo-Pacific Tarpon is suitable only for the largest home aquariums.