Due to the inherent risk of shipping live fish, we can not accept any returns or exchanges.

Return Policy

While we make every effort to ship you nothing but the healthiest, most well-conditioned fish and invertebrates possible we still highly recommend the use of a dedicated quarantine tank for ALL new fish and that new arrivals are quarantined for at least 2 weeks before being added to a display tank.


In the event that you receive a DOA animal, here’s what to do:

  • Email a picture of the deceased specimen to sales@aqua-imports.com immediately. Please send a photo of it in the original unopened bag. Include your name, order number, pictures and a detailed message. We may require additional information and photos.
  • Please do not call for livestock losses. All losses must be documented by email with pictures.
  • Our guarantee will be void without a clear photo of the dead item.
  • If your claim meets the requirements of the guarantee, we will contact you to either arrange a refund or replacement fish at our discretion.
  • Our guarantee is not inclusive of any shipping costs – customers are responsible for the cost of shipping on any replacement orders and no refunds will be processed for shipping-related charges.

Order Cancelations

Due to the delicate nature of livestock, we will not accept order cancellations once an order is placed.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to setup a viable receiving time within a week of purchase.
Cancellations will only be performed at Aqua’s discretion and will incur a 20% restocking fee.


If your fish arrives and appears dead, take a photograph of it in the bag but then continue to acclimate it according to our guidelines. Many fish or invertebrates, especially during cold weather, may move slowly or not at all upon arrival but will recover upon acclimation.


Water parameters in your aquarium must be within those provided on the species description listed on our site. We reserve the right to require a water sample or photos of water test results in order for you to redeem our guarantee.