Blue Mahseer (Neolissochilus stracheyi)


The Blue Mahseer is one of several large cyprinids from Southeast Asia collectively known as ‘Mahseer’ – most of which are prized food fish in their native habitats. The species is one of the more medium-sized Mahseer, reaching a maximum size of around 20″ in theaquarium. Their large, iridescent scales and peaceful behavior in the aquarium have led some to compare them to tropical versions of koi. Although hardy and adaptable, they will do best in clean, well-oxygenated water with moderate current. Mahseer make excellent dither fish for large predatory species and rarely bother tankmates.



Blue Mahseer (Neolissochilus stracheyi)

Origin: Wild Thailand
Locale: Chaophraya River
Diet: Omnivore, will readily feed on vegetable- or protein-based prepared foods in the aquarium
Adult Size: 20 ”
Recommended Tank Size: 180 gal
Compatibility: Generally fairly peaceful, but should only be kept with active, similarly sized fish

Preferred Water Parameters
pH:                          7.0 – 7.5
Temp:                     76-80F
Ammonia:              0ppm
Nitrite:                    0ppm
Nitrate:                  <30ppm