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Assorted Sailfin Molly (Poecilia velifera)


An aquarium hobby classic, the Molly is a livebearing species found through parts of Central America but it has been bred worldwide for the aquarium hobby for decades. In that time, the wild form has been developed in to dozens of varieties and color forms, including ‘Dalmatian’, Black, Gold, and others. The Sailfin Molly is closest to the wild form and the largest growing of all Molly strains, with adult males displaying an enormous, sail-like dorsal fin. Relatively peaceful, Mollies are hardy, and active fish but may bully smaller or more slow moving tankmates. They are often recommended for beginners due to their ease of care. A livebearing species, they will readily breed in the aquarium. Sailfin Mollies are found in pure fresh to nearly full marine environments in the wild and will adapt to a wide range of conditions but prefer slightly alkaline water with some salt or mineral content.